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Why change who you are, to please others or what you imagine others to desire?

Ive heard, if men feel like you dont NEED them, they wont stick around.

9 Things Every Guy Should Know About Finland (And Its Girls).

So, I mean that Finnish girls are easy to hang out with, if they are not unsure.

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Speaking to Others - let them talk, do not correct their statements, walk up to other casually - not with authority Relax Your Body when you approach work mates, friends, neighbors and laborers.

I'm apparently too intimidating or awful in some other way to make it to a second date, if I can even make it to a first date (that's rare).

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Aware of the confusion many visitors face in getting to grips with the country's "beautiful toilet culture," nine manufacturers of luxurious thrones have put competition aside to agree on a new standardized and simple set of icons for common features.

Quin wrote: user2 wrote: So many posts on dating finnish girls.

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