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We don't actually want to make a date or a final tour or anything.We just want to carry on as long as nature allows or is kind of dignified.The single-parent armada If you’re a single parent, take comfort: You are far from alone. “I feel like if you’re that desperate, you just end up settling.

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“Figure out how you contributed to the divorce,” Wiley says, “what you would take into a new relationship, and what you would not.” Take your time, says Wiley, to give your divorce its due.

“Divorce is the death of a relationship, and the death of dreams and expectations; you have to start over.

How are you going to meet someone if you’re sitting in the drive-through with a cell phone stuck to your ear?

If your daily life exhausts you so much that a night on the town sounds like torture?

The itinerary is due to reach its conclusion at The 02 in London on 23 November.

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