Denim dating

Below is a trucker style corduroy jacket featuring a white tab label. Notice the small “e” in the Levi’s tag, indicating the jacket below was manufactured post 1971.

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Below are examples of Levi’s modern day Western style denim shirts.

Western shirts are often characterised by their pearl fastening snaps.

Same dresses, same black distressed denim, same everything.

I know I used to leave Zara with an updated version of my current wardrobe, until the day where I woke up completely bored with my own style.

Starting with a denim jacket seemed to be the good solution to start experimenting and today I am sharing the reasons why you should own one! It is fun to see that I can look like a different girl everyday, that there is absolutely no niche in which I can actually fit in.

The more I grow, the less excitement I find in the expected.

This particular design has evolved to have accentuated pointed chest pockets.

Levi’s starting playing with colours and materials around this time, introducting corduroy (941 series) and white jackets at this time.

So I challenged myself to shop outside of my comfort zone to have a more diverse wardrobe and decided to share with you my new #PBessentials!

I know I am late to the party but I’m kind of having a massive crush on Denim (Swiping right all the way).

To me denim was always synonym to black coloured distressed skinnies. Blue denim have always fit weird on me, it always give me the impression of being two sizes bigger.

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