Eavesdrop number for sex chat

The confident ones who launch straight in with detailed descriptions of kinks or fantasies.And – of course – the moaning, shuffling fapping sound as they settle in for a nice hard wank.

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The other day I spent a lovely couple of hours listening to men wanking. Dudes pleasuring themselves is one of my biggest kinks, and the more gutturally raw it is, the better.

I’d watch the shows idly, with one hand down my knickers, imagining what the horny men at the other end of the phone were saying.

The way Peachbooth works is that members can make – and listen in to – calls with phone sex operators.

But what elevates this from ‘sexy thing’ to ‘sexy thing that prompts me to write a blog post’ is that it made me realise just how much of what I get off on falls under this category.

It’s hot not because it is designed to push my buttons, but because – in being created specifically for horny men – it happens to push my buttons as a by-product.

I’m not getting off to the same thing the guys are, I’m getting off to the fact they’re getting off. bi or gay, and are there to admire the brilliant pole-dancers doing their thing.

But while I really love watching people pole-dance, and I like the ego-boost of buying dances, the primary reason I’m there is to watch the men. Guys who are aching with longing and desperate to touch their dicks.

And ever since then I’ve been obsessed with chasing those moments: not just when I’m sitting with a guy and he makes those noises or faces, but from porn where I can see his expression of pained lust, or hear the desperate longing in his voice.

Some things do it for me pretty neatly – watching self-recorded videos of guys playing Cock Hero against themselves, biting their lips to hold back from coming yet still beating away at straining erections.

Porn – often directed by women – which includes lingering shots of the guy’s face when his dick slides in, or on his hands gripping tightly at his own hard-on.

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