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“Hottie” (his barn name) had neatly executed an amazingly sudden halt on the other side, at the very edge of disaster.

He had launched me from the saddle and I was sent skimming across the asphalt in my red coat like a demented Santa, shot from a canon without the benefit of either reindeer nor sleigh.

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Having viewed the fox as he emerged at a run from the back covert at Andor, I crested the hill across from Atlanta Hall Farm and angled across Dempsey’s toward the bottom.

Through the trees I could just make out the Christmas Eve field, stretched out along Hutchins Mill Road behind Master Tom Voss as he drew to a halt just below me.

One of the wonderful, if little known, Christmas traditions in the countryside surrounding Baltimore is the Christmas Eve fox hunt.

While the signature holiday fox hunting day of the year would be Thanksgiving, which comes stuffed with the pomp & circumstance of the blessing of the hounds and large crowds gathered in beautiful country churchyards, the Christmas Eve fixture has a charm all its own.

In January 2007, NBC announced that it canceled Passions after eight years but later handed it over to Direc TV.

The show taped its final scenes for NBC on August 15, 2007, and its final episode on the network aired on September 7, 2007.

The crowd and the field are smaller and the feeling is far more intimate and relaxed.

There is also a universal atmosphere of good cheer.

Sometimes there is snow, and when there is, the quotient of holiday magic soars and the countryside assumes a quiet, wintery majesty.

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