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Miss USA State Pageant Dates for 2018 State Titles Nov 11-12, 2017 Miss/Teen Ohio USA Miss/Teen Vermont USA Nov 17-18, 2017 Miss/Teen Arizona USA Miss/Teen Georgia USA Miss/Teen South Carolina USA Nov 18-19, 2017 Miss/Teen Miss Massachusetts USA Nov 19, 2017 Miss/Teen Hawaii USA Nov 25-26, 2017 Miss/Teen Delaware USA Miss/Teen Kansas USA Miss/Teen Maine USA Miss/Teen Minnesota USA Miss Texas Teen USA Dec 2-3, 2017 Miss/Teen California USA Miss/Teen Pennsylvania USA Dec 14-17, 2017 Miss/Teen Florida USA Dec 16, 2017 Miss/Teen District of Columbia USA Dec 16-17, 2017 Miss/Teen Oklahoma USA Jan 5-6, 2018 Miss/Teen Connecticut USA Miss Texas USA Miss/Teen Utah USA Jan 6-7, 2018 Miss/Teen Nebraska USA Miss/Teen Nevada USA Jan 13-14, 2018 Miss/Teen New York USA Jan 26-28, 2018 Miss/Teen New Mexico USA TO BE VERIFIED Kentucky USA Who is your favorite Miss Universe of the 1980s and why?1980 Shawn Weatherly, USA 1981 Irene Saez, Venezuela 1982 Karen Baldwin, Canada 1983 Lorraine Downes, New Zealand 1984 Yvonne Ryding, Sweden 1985 Deborah Carthy-Deu, Puerto Rico 1986 Barbara Palacios, Venezuela 1987 Cecilia Bolocco, Chile 1988 Porntip Nakhirunkanok, Thailand 1989 Angela Visser, Holland [ Post a Reply to This Message ]Comparing a 16 million country to one that has 323 million people is like comparing apples to oranges.

(NT) -- I miss those pageants and the excitement I had watching them, 11/06/17 Mon Too many to choose from!! (NT) -- This contest is soooo Venezuela, 08/24/17 Thu HORRIBLE swimsuits.

First would be Yvonne mainly because she looks like she could sing with ABBA!! Whatever happened to nipple cover-up stickers and tape.

my other favorites include: Shawn, Barbara, Lorraine and Odette,,,, oh thats right, she got screwed royally that night.... What's ironic is that the swimsuits show too much in a few obvious places, but then there are those weird knots and hanging ribbons (plus the sash) which completely cover and distract from the torso, so you can't even see who's fit and who's not. The organizers clearly wanted to cause controversy. The girls at the actual Miss Venezuela pageant would never wear something like this.

(NT) -- Buckeye, 11/08/17 Wed I do not recall any of pageants in the 80s as I was still very young then. TACKY., 08/24/17 Thu Because it's inappropriate on the stage. I find that pageant cool because it does not miss a year, you always have it on.

After many favs got eliminated, Shandi was the clear winner but most of us agree that it could have went either way.

(NT) -- Vegas, 08/27/17 Sun Shandi's overt confidence was the breaking point, Jennifer was more care-free.

The extreme liberalism gave NL a huge and growing Muslim population, I am not sure gays feel comfortable any longer, in fact homophobic attacks are more present than ever.

(NT) -- Hawt Plus Seksi, 11/07/17 Tue I loved the 1980s Miss Universe Pageants and I loved every single winner of that decade. She is beautiful, intelligent, graceful, and poised. (NT) -- pageant pearl, 08/24/17 Thu You've got that right, it's Venezuela!

(NT) -- Vegas, 08/27/17 Sun I thought that was a very strong year. Actually, Oxana was probably my least favorite of the Top 10 and I just couldn't get with the bedsheet gown, but I know many people consider her one of the most beautiful Miss Universes of all time, so she probably does belong among the most agreed-upon winners.

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