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At the time, it had been easy to see their two years apart as a sort of evil, alternate universe; a place they were never meant to be and didn't have to remain.Senior year was all about righting the wrongs of the past and claiming the future they wanted. But immediately, her memory of that night had become less about the boy she'd made love to and all about the one she'd run into in the hall.She missed him just like you miss wearing a rain coat when the sun comes back out.

What had begun in the shower had moved out of the bathroom and ended up all over their enormous bed where she awoke nine hours later from a deep and refreshing sleep that could more accurately be described as a sex induced coma. Raising heavy eyelids, she saw that her natural post orgasm lethargy was compounded by the fact that she was laying right where she'd fallen asleep.

Fallen asleep, passed out, whatever; she'd done it half under Logan's sprawled body and that's where she woke up. The only other man she had ever spent the night with had been Duncan and the few times she had done so they had retreated to their opposite corners after the main event.

Sure, there had been some cuddling but when it was time to sleep, they may as well have been in separate beds.

Logan, on the other hand, frequently reached for her in his sleep.

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He hadn't been kidding when he'd said he'd pay good cash money just to hold her all night.

Most of the time it wasn't much more than simple contact, laying close enough to touch; foot to foot or hip to hip but sometimes he threw an arm or leg over her while he slept and occasionally he rolled half on top of her, his face in her hair, breathing her in all night long. She rolled her head toward him and smiled, watching him sleep. It was hard to believe this angel faced boy dreaming next to her was the evil, erotic genius responsible for the out of body experience she'd had just a few hours earlier.

He was sweet, tender and warm and that's exactly how he made love.

After a month, she remembered that Duncan was as new to this as she was.

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