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I was starting to crave having one of them fuck me.

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Some people were dancing and rubbing each other while other couples were in various corners throughout the room, kissing and feeling each other up.

Someone came up behind me and started to move to the music with me and I could feel his hard dick on my ass through his pants.

The room that Chris and Mike lead me into was a large bedroom that had a king size bed in it and another door that I guessed led to the bathroom.

This bedroom must have been the master bedroom since it had a balcony as well with a large lounge chair on it.

He started kissing my neck and I closed my eyes and swayed to the music enjoying all of the attention.

When the song changed Chris and Mike each grabbed me by the hand and led me down the hall toward the other rooms in the house.

In the elevator ride the guys were feeling each of us up, and the two of us were getting to know who had the biggest cock.

There were five of them and two of us and no one minded the tightness of everyone in the elevator.

By this point I was horny as hell and I know Gina was too.

Every time we danced with them I could feel their hard cocks through their clothes and my pussy was soaked.

Gina had just finished going through a long drawn out divorce and needed some fun time and my wife was all too happy to oblige. It didn’t take long before several guys came over and started talking to us.

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