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So maybe you’ve heard by now, there is a Christian Grey chatbot that you can Facebook chat with. The one with the whips and leather and male dominance. So if you are a fan of that Fifty Shades of Shitty series, then you will love this. Conduct an entire conversation with this sexual robot using only the lyrics from Chaka Khan’s “Im Every Woman.” Because. Grey, the commanding force that he is, obviously made the first move.

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That it to so many people to speak to virtual assistants in this way, and that any changes to that dynamic occasion such anger on the part of some, speaks volumes about how capitalism has trained us to treat the very real emotional laborers of our society.

Why do so many people feel the burning need to express their autonomy by abusing something that cannot fight back?

A screenshot in the article displays “another exotic move of Ms.

Dewey, leaning onto the screen towards you, letting you look down her slinky low cut v-neck black dress.” This blurb, meanwhile, dubs her the “saucy search engine librarian” and acknowledges “although nothing she says deserves more than a PG rating, this is definitely a site aimed at grownups (and, let’s be honest, male grownups).”This locker room chatter as part of an ostensible technology review only serves to highlight both the sexist attitudes that still pervade the wider tech industry, and the fantasy of the sexy, sexual servant that many corporations are now feeding.

What attitudes do these people take to real women they may encounter working at a restaurant or a Starbucks? We saw it too in the rise of Taylorism, an early 20th century scientific-management philosophy whose obsession with efficiency made living robots out of workers.

This was where time and motion studies began, most famously immortalized in long-exposure photographs of workers with lights on their tools and bodies to iron out the inefficiencies of intuitive human movement in favor of moves that “increased productivity.”Now, however, what most laborers sell is not physical but labor, and the greatest inefficiency is resistance to the entitlement of the (presumably male) customer.

We are being primed by many tech giants to see AI not as a future lifeform, but as an endlessly compliant and pliable, often female, form of free labor, available for sex and for guilt-free use and abuse.

An instrument of men’s desires, in other words, shaped by the yearning of capital for women are allowed to be treated, and what desires shape that treatment.

The link lies in what many consumers are trained to expect from service workers: perfect subservience and total availability.

Our virtual assistants, free of messy things like autonomy, emotion, and dignity, are the perfect embodiment of that expectation.

Dewey was designed according to sexual logics that fundamentally define her as an object of sexual desire and require her to respond to requests for sexual attention,” Sweeney writes, after having studied user responses and inputs into the search engine, as well as a comprehensive content analysis of Ms. In her research, for instance, Sweeney observed that a user ordered “You Strip” to Ms.

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