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“It gets the attention of the powers that be, and allows the family member to feel some sense of empowerment,” she said.

Yet Scheller and other advocates fear the new recommendations may be used to create rules and restrictions that impede their use.

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Interior home security cameras or recording baby monitors fall under the category of "exposed nanny cams." These cameras are mounted in plain site and can easily be seen by people in your household.

The laws of hidden cameras also apply for those that are exposed.

Families and elder care advocates have strongly opposed mandating notification, arguing that cameras are typically used as a last resort when all other attempts at communicating concerns about maltreatment have failed.

Nanny cams may have gotten their name from parents who want to spy on caretakers.

“This is a huge issue and it should not be viewed lightly,” said Jean Peters, a member of the work group and an outspoken proponent of hidden cameras since her family used one to detect abuse of their mother.

“The [senior care] industry doesn’t want cameras because they’re afraid of getting sued, and because they can’t possibly provide what they promise.” Currently, Minnesota law is silent on the use of electronic surveillance in senior care facilities.

Failing to do so could result in prosecution and loss of evidence.

In other words, you can be sued and any recordings you collect won’t be admissible in court.

And a year ago, an aide at a Hopkins senior home was arrested and charged with two counts of assault after videos from a hidden camera showed her repeatedly hitting an elderly patient in the head.

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