Free hot chat sites for phones

It is hoped to combat the pandemic of people using Facebook at work.It's still early days for the app, which has not set a firm policy on either pricing or privacy, yet.

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Slack Slack claims to be changing the way teams communicate, and looking at testimonials, it appears to do just that.

The desktop and mobile allows teams to chat in channels with conversations divided by subjects, and you can chat and share photos, videos and music.

It describes this as a "push-to-talk" feature, which is then stored in delivered and stored in the cloud.

It allows you call colleagues with a tap of their icon on the app, as well as selling walkie-talkies (I know, remember those? It syncs across devices and is available in all apps stores.Chats are divided by categories, and the app is available free on browser and mobile.In terms of looks, it's a bit like Whatapp's more colorful siblings Line or We Chat, which is handy if you're talking about something as banal as accounts or bug fixes. So it's a bit like having an ongoing meeting which you can dip in and out of.Slack is free to download, with Standard, Plus and Enterprise (-99/month) options with enhanced features, like Google apps integration and usage stats.Yammer Microsoft-owned Yammer has more of the feel of a social network than a chat app.

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