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Avoid alcohol and drugs – These both cause depression and will probably enhance your negative emotions.This can be the hardest stage to deal with and everyone will struggle with their heartbreak and break up at this stage, however if it seems as though you can no longer cope, please see your doctor or a counsellor as they really can help.

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Heartbreak is a lot for anyone to go through and after a relationship break up you may experience each one of these stages at different times and sometimes more than once.

However there are a number of things you can do to help yourself get through each one of these stages, these are explained in how to get over a break up page.

uk Other organisations that may be able to help you:- uk Hope and recovery after your break up – Eventually your heartache will lift adn you will become yourself once again.

Depression, loneliness and hopelessness will slowly fade away and you will start to move on without that person.

Often we keep repeating scenarios in our head and try to figure out how we could have changed the outcome of the break up.

This can be exhausting as we try to figure out what the other person is thinking and what could have been said or done differently.This is one of the hardest times to cope with as you probably may become lethargic as well, this will make it difficult to see hope and recovery.This will get better and easier but the main thing to do is to talk it through with someone, and remember to eat, see tips on how to cope with this stage on the how to get over a break up page.Do not resort to physical violence or plot revenge on your ex; it’s just not worth it you will only regret this later.Depression, loneliness and a sense of hopelessness – For a while you may feel alone with a sense of hopelessness, no reason to carry on and maybe numb to the world.Do not turn to drugs or alcohol as they are both a depressant and may help short term but long term will have a very negative effect. Anger, Blame & Frustration – After the realisation hits you that your relationship is finally over, you might be angry and want someone to blame for the break up, this may be your partner or somebody else.

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