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My present wife and I married a little over 20 years ago, but just a couple of years after our marriage, her libido took a nosedive. my sex drive is not as strong but it is very much still alive... I was 53 at the time and I was doing some service work at a truck stop in Midway , Florida.

I find what is nice about my age is that I can be aroused by 18 yr olds and 80 yr olds so much beauty in such variety..... I am so alive i try to meet people with the same sex drive as mine in my own age group; but end up having to chat with younger people who really don't have any thing in common with. No if you do things the natural way my **** will pop right up!! some are very sexy to look at but it all seems to end there.. The person in charge was the owner a woman 68 years old.

I will do anything if it brings about your ultimate pleasure and mind blowing *******. One reason the women had given me over the years for not getting together was the problems...

I am a very attractive 63 year old woman well built...

I am locked in a horrible dream...except it's reality. This is a subject where I find impossible to share with family or friends.. I went to the Army (and Vietnam) before I went to college, so by the time I started my studies I was older and more experienced.

Women who know what love is all about and knows how to satisfy a man. My present wife and I married a little over 20 years ago, but just a couple of years after our marriage, her libido took a nosedive. I have been living alone for the past ten years and have been able to deal with my sexual desire until most recently.

Lately I am having strong sexual urge and have pictured myself with someone who also is experiencing the same.

Note - you will have to download Pal Talk software first and then the room will only show when Clay is there and has it open.

To find his room select "Rooms" and then category "Music" put in clay and select the radio button "adult" and click go.

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How I love to just hold a mature woman in my arms and then the process begins. Good looking with a nice body and of course the first thought in my... Sure I get lonely and want company but I also want to share my life with an interesting woman who still likes sex. I recently found out that a women I have loved for many years, but have never connected with, had an affair with a co-worker.

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