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Aiming to widen that circle, (Free, Universal) places people from every major social network on a map for you.

Make a business connection with Linked In or get a new Twitter follower!

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Whether you are going through a challenging time or just want to talk to someone, at 7 Cups you'll find a path connecting you to kind people and helping you develop new skills to solve your problems. To seek out a listener based on life experience or affiliation, browse or search our listener community to find the right listener or online counselor, someone with whom you feel comfortable chatting without fear of being judged.

Whether you want support with life, love, relationship problems, stress, depression help, or you just need to vent about your problems, we have an active listener or therapist waiting for you to vent to via anonymous chat.

Highlight (Free, i Phone) acts as your "interesting person" detector; it runs in the background and delivers a notification when a compelling stranger approaches, letting you chat with him/her.

We've all had that experience: You're talking to someone and he/she has a mutual acquaintance with you, so one of you says, "What a small world!

Prox To Me (Free, i Phone) lets you to do just that by allowing you to share content from your Dropbox account with your chat partner.

If you have intentions that extend past just chatting, it's best to pick a platform that accounts for that.

Looking for someone who wants to carpool with you to save on gas?

Rather than trying to connect with a random stranger who can answer a specific question, shout it out with Bullhorn (Free, i Phone) and get responses from anyone who sees it.

Whos Here (Free, Universal) can make that happen, giving you the option to talk via voice or video with someone new and equally as brave as you.

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