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The sexting offense would simply be an additional tool at authorities' disposal.

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Jacob Sullum has explored this paradox here before: op-ed piece published today, Amy Adele Hasinoff, a professor of communication at the University of Colorado, Denver, amplifies the concern that reforms aimed at making the legal treatment of teenaged sexters less punitive could have the opposite effect.

"Once they have the option of lesser penalties," Hasinoff writes, "prosecutors are more likely to press charges—not only against teenagers who distribute private images without permission, but also against those who sext consensually." In fact, more prosecution is the avowed goal of some legislators who sponsor sexting-specific bills....

It was just last weekend, when we were on an early Easter break to Marrakech, a city saturated with sound and scent and colour, the amiable locals friendly to a fault.

“Well, thank you,” responded my spouse, taking the proposal in the mischievous spirit in which it was intended.

Students explore the risks and responsibilities of carrying out romantic relationships in the digital world.

Students watch a video about a girl who sent a “sext” message to her boyfriend, which he shared with others.

Weiner's habit led him to resign his House seat in 2011, doomed his 2013 run for mayor, and rocked Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign during the closing days of the race, when FBI agents investigating his contact with the teen came across emails on his laptop between Abedin and Clinton.

That discovery prompted then-FBI Director James Comey to announce in late October 2016 that he was reopening the probe of Clinton's use of a private computer server.

Ohio state lawmakers have proposed a bill that would ban sexting between teenagers, potentially turning thousands of ordinary young Ohioans into sex offenders.

Its sponsors are pitching this as a step against overcriminalization, since the state would no longer have to prosecute minors—or anyone ages 18 to 20—with possession of child porn when they consensually exchange explicit pics with their peers. It was inspired by a case in Hill's district in which a young man killed himself after being arrested for sexting.

Right now, cops and prosecutors only tend to get involved in cases reported through parents and schools, where sexting has caused some sort of disruption.

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