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Rereading it for what seemed like the hundredth time, alternating my mouse between the Reply and Delete buttons, had my juices flowing.

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This month should be called “May Not,” as I was starting to have serious doubts now. The public outcry was huge, and the humiliation she suffered must have been intense.

It made me second-guess this decision, yet at the same time, the urge felt like it was getting stronger, fuelled by the knowledge of just how taboo and socially unacceptable this was.

One thing that occurred to me was training as I had no idea if King was trained or not, but by the way he took to me, I am guessing that he was.

This needed to be my next task, if I found a dog that was untrained, then how would I train him to perform?

Another evening chatting on a beastie site and the same old questions came up, "How did you start? " The first question was easy, it all started when I was 19 and the four hells angels I was living with decided I would try dog sex.

At first I hated it, but over the following weeks, I grew to like and eventually love it.Whispering to myself under my breath, affirming how I was a dog slut, I could feel myself getting hotter and hotter and the desire to tear my bottoms off and search for my dildo was intense.Resisting the urge, as my boyfriend was just upstairs, I had to make do with just pushing a finger deeply inside myself, then slowly sucking it clean. There had been a report recently in the news about a woman, who had been caught with a dog.I can just imagine old Mr Jones, the widower next door who just happened to spend two hours pruning the same ratty hedge last summer, as I sunbathed nude, getting an eyeful of my naked pussy being ramrodded by an eager canine.I’m sure the sight would kill one of them, the hedge or old Mr Jones! I knew nothing could happen until and unless my live-in boyfriend was away.I accepted the fact the first time I was coerced, and a lot of the time under the influence of illegal substances, but the questions turned like worms in my brain, "would I do it again? " Two decades later, and now an upstanding member of society, would I do it again out of my own free will? Stick my ass high in the air like a slut, and beg him to mount me, and use me, and pound me with his angry red dog cock?

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