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Strip away the sensational elements—his thing for feet, his desire to be your chore slave, the mental image of him jacking off all over your toes—and what are we left with? A sparkly clean apartment benefits you (and your roommates); the opportunity to worship your feet benefits him.

It's a good deal for both parties: My vanilla-but-kink-adjacent friend gets a sparkly clean apartment (which he loves but doesn't want to do himself), this guy gets his balls busted on a regular basis (which he loves but can't do himself).

But my friend lives alone, MICASA, and that makes all the difference. Time for some playing-games-with-foot-fetishists theory: If you were having sex with a boyfriend in the common areas of your apartment when your roommates weren't home—let's say your boyfriend (or even some rando) wanted to fuck you on the kitchen floor—you wouldn't be morally obligated to text your roommates and ask their permission.

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I would have my slave come over when no one is around, and then my roommates could come home to a sparkly clean common area! Man Into Cleaning A Shared Apartment A friend in Berlin has a similar arrangement.

My slave would never have access to their personal spaces, nor would I leave him alone in any area of our home until a strong bond of trust had been established. This guy comes over to clean his apartment once a week and—if my friend thinks he's done a good enough job—my friend rewards him with a knee to the balls.

When he was 2, he had surgery to correct a common issue on his groin. I want my son to grow up with a healthy and positive sexuality.

Are we doing him a favor or a disservice by supplying him with materials, freedom, and privacy to engage in a kink so young? It's standard for kids, even very young kids, to touch their genitals—in public, where it can be a problem, or in private, where it should never be a problem.

I will fully vet him with references and meet him in a neutral location at least once—and anything else you might suggest I do for security's sake.

Though my roommates are not what you would call conservative, I'm not sure they'd understand this kind of arrangement.

In the meantime, you don't wanna slap a "so kinky" label on a 7-year-old.

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