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Courses for your children are available as well, as German classes are offered for people of every age.Some classes are tailored to the interests and language skills of children and young people.

CROSS-PLATFORM — Works across smartphones, tablets and desktop.

MULTITASKING — Want to read your email and continue to listen in on your favorite room?

The baker down the street even knows what kind of rolls you like for breakfast.

Now you’d like to discuss politics with your colleagues at lunch.

Whether you may take an Integration course or, in some cases, are required to do so, depends on your country of origin and your level of fluency.

The most important guidelines are these: As a citizen of the EU, you are welcome to participate in an Integration course if you want to learn German or improve your German, provided that a place is available. Non-EU citizens are also allowed to take these courses.

If your German is not yet particularly good, you may, under some circumstances, be required to take a course.

Are you employed and unable to take a full- or part-time course? Upon issuing your Residence permit, the foreigners’ registration office will let you know whether you are allowed or required to take an Integration course.

In addition to integration courses, other courses are available as well: „Deutsch für den Beruf“ (German for the workplace).

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