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The screenshot below displays the table setup in php My Admin.

You can also use SQL commands to create the table, as in the SQL statement below.

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$connection) // Set the active My SQL database $db_selected = mysql_select_db($database, $connection); if (!

$db_selected) // Select all the rows in the markers table $query = "SELECT * FROM markers WHERE 1"; $result = mysql_query($query); if (!

This line may cause your browser to try to parse XML and make it difficult to see your debugging messages.

This section shows you how to develop the map example in this tutorial using Java Script, and the output XML file.

The last part of code then dumps the XML to the browser screen.

Note: If your database contains international characters or you otherwise need to force a UTF-8 output, you can use on the XML data output if your database contains international characters, or if you need to force an UTF-8 output.

The map can use the XML file to retrieve the marker data through asynchronous Java Script calls.

Using an XML file as an intermediary between your database and your Google map allows for faster initial page load, and a more flexible map application.

The map retrieves this information from the database, through an XML file that acts as an intermediary between the database and the map.

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