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There is a possibility that either you or your partner might not yet be out or even still questioning—which is completely okay.

Everyone operates on a different timeline and has reasons for not sharing their sexuality.

“No one ever sat down with me and said ‘now you better not do this’ or ‘if I catch you with another member you'll get kicked out,’” says Emily of coming out to her sorority, whose members have always been accepting of her sexuality.

Jordan says that if two sisters in a relationship requested to share a room in the house, they would likely be sat down and advised to take another course of action.

“[We’d suggest] either living in other housing on campus together or living in separate rooms in the house,” she says.

For non-heterosexual collegiettes, finding girls to date in college can be a difficult enough task without bringing Greek life into it.

Your dating pool is smaller than the hetero dating pool, you might find potential partners who are more interested in experimenting than dating, and your campus’s LGBTQ clubs and events might not be your scene.

Few sororities have official rules and bylaws addressing homosexual intra-sorority relationships, so most potential complications will likely come from the attitudes of your sisters, which only you can gauge for yourself.

“If a situation like this were to come up, I would probably let people I trusted on council know, like our President and VP-Standards, and make sure they were okay with it first,” Emily says.

If you have any doubts about how your sisters might take your relationship, just ask.

Unfortunately, there will be no one-size-fits-all answer waiting for you and your girlfriend.

But what happens if you finally find a cute, single girl that you click with and want to date… In an organization that revolves around sisterhood, it might be hard to make romance work, but Her Campus has some do’s and don’ts when it comes to navigating this tricky terrain. “Within the sorority structure, one of the things you have in common is similar values about how you want to live your lives,” she says.

“You’re sharing a culture, you’re sharing meals, you’re sharing space…

However, if you decide to keep your relationship a secret, you have to accept that in a sorority setting, it might make things sticky.

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