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Advertisers and politicians make decisions based on smaller percentages!

I'm guessing amp-owners like to know when their amp was made, if it's old-ish.

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Certainly the hundreds of people who have helped me seemed keen to know.

Meanwhile I've offered this info to Fender US, Fender UK, and a US magazine.

In addition I had automated searches running on e Bay for these 14 amp types - whenever one appeared for sale I would contact the seller, asking for the serial number.

9 out of 10 did - many thanks to them for their trouble and good will.

According to Tom Wheeler's excellent book about the Stratocaster, it may be that they had no factory after December 1984!

So (example) the last few hundred Super Champs seem to have date codes from 1984 but there's anecdotal evidence that they were assembled in nearby Brea, CA in 1986.While it's anyone's guess how many of these were Champ II and how many were Bassman 20, they seem to come up on e Bay equally often. People keep on referring to this 'fewer than 500' thing, especially when they're trying to sell one as 'rare', but I'm still waiting for anyone to point back to the original 'fact' of the matter!) If your amp's serial number falls into the last 3 batches then your best hope of dating it is if you've still got the original speaker.His info (he rightly didn't include details of the amps' owners) still represents about a sixth of my database.As of September 2016 I've got info on over 1700 amps.If you've got one of the 14 amp models in this range you can get a rough idea of its date-of-manufacture from these tables.

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