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Such portfolios contain content that resembles more conventional teaching portfolios but have unique characteristics that influence their design, production, and sharing.Although the use of digital teaching portfolios is increasing, research on this topic is in its infancy.

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Most research on digital teaching portfolios has focused on teacher candidates' professional development.

For example, several researchers (Barrett, 1999, 2000; Kilbane & Milman, 2003, 2005; Mc Kinney, 1998; Milman, 1999, 2000) contend that the creation of digital teaching portfolios fosters teacher candidates' confidence in their abilities as educators and in their use and application of technology.

Dietz, Mary E.(2001) Designing the School Leader's Portfolio. Leading the Professional Portfolio Process for Change.

Arlington Heights: Skylight Professional Development Glatthorn, Allan (1996). Arlington Heights, IL: Skylight Professional Development Wyatt, Robert L.; Looper, Sandra (1999) So You Have to Have a Portfolio. Poutsmouth: Heinemann This book focuses on college level portfolios and specifically writing portfolios.

Teaching portfolios developed and displayed in digital format are often called digital teaching portfolios, multimedia portfolios, electronic portfolios, e-folios, and webfolios (Kilbane & Milman, 2003, 2005; Milman, in review).

Professional materials included in digital teaching portfolios are presented using a combination of digital media such as audio recordings, graphics, hypermedia programs, database, spreadsheet, video, and word processing software.

Every so often, key points and important ideas are summarized in "at a glance" sections.

This interesting book applies Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences to the portfolio development process and points out the role of portfolios in a comprehensive assessment system.

Résumé: L’article présente les conclusions d’une étude qualitative sur le rôle des portfolios numériques d’enseignement dans le perfectionnement professionnel et la pratique en salle de classe des enseignants.

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