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Users post activities in their area by tags and then chose the respondent they like the most and carry out the plan.

Added features allow you to add buddies, rate user reliability, target invitations to a specific person, and be notified when that certain someone you admire posts an activity.

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Its tagline is “Find People Who Don’t Suck,” and tagging plays a big part in the service.

Consumating is clearly aimed young hipsters, who can make themselves more “popular” by answering questions to fill out their profile.

Yuk ayah, ibu, ajak si kecil ke LACTOGROW Happy Date in bubble park! Dapatkan berbagai macam Inspirasi kegiatan untuk orang tua dan si kecil dengan tema bubble park yang seru dan menyenangkan.- Tiket yang didapat dari pembelian paket promo LACTOGROW apa saja dapat ditukarkan dengan paspor bermain saat acara berlangsung.

1 tiket atau 1 paspor bermain hanya berlaku untuk 1 anak dan 2 orang dewasa.

Also, for a bit of humor, check out this post by Damien Mulley on how to use Google to get laid.

Great Boy Friends, which was acquired by The Knot in 2005, tries to remove the exaggeration (or lie) factor inherent in online dating.

Si kecil yang selalu ceria adalah salah satu tanda tumbuh kembangnya baik.

Untuk mendukung tumbuh kembang sikecil, Nestle LACTOGROW hadirkan Happy Date.

Match Tag’s added calendar feature makes it easy to not only find activities you know you like but also stumble upon new ones.

Mingle Now, a new venture from Blue Lithium, is pre-launch.

Users post activities to the general population and chose partners from respondents, but also has more complete messaging and commenting features to fill out the user experience outside of activities.

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