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Making the move smooth and easy is the best way to move naturally from first or second date territory, into hand holding and eventually, that first kiss.I can’t count how many people I’ve held hands with over the years -- friends, my mom, a guy I genuinely liked, or some random boy I happened to be standing next to at a party.

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As humans, we are not only creatures of habit, we’re also creatures of comfort.

We gravitate toward situations and people who make us feel as content and secure as possible.

Maybe the last person you held hands with was your best friend when you reunited after months apart.

You wanted to be as close as possible before your real world jobs and lives in different cities separated you once again.

In the scientific study, “Lending A Hand,” neuroscientists from the University of Virginia and the University of Wisconsin studied the effect the simple act of a human touch has on people in stressful situations.

In this case, the participants underwent the threat of electric shock.(Or were you too busy being a teenager and making out in the back row?)You automatically reach for your face if you accidentally walk into a door and try to release the stress in your shoulders after a long day hunched over your computer at work.For instance, if a celebrity is spotted holding hands with someone, society automatically assumes the pair is together.While simple, holding someone’s hand in public, soberly, makes a declaration.Or maybe it was your mom, right before you boarded a plane to a new country.

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