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However it makes a nice change to use a simple set of tools without all the complexities associated with users and groups. Walking along Shoeburyness coastline, whilst training our Scouts in hiking and navigation, I chatted to one of the boys, Daniel, about his school education and how he felt he was progressing.What was interesting and really obvious in Daniel's conversation with me, was his awareness of exactly what level he was working at.It's a great feeling recalling fond memories of the past and all the challenges that are associated with making the car run faster.

However, a quick solution to this is to use nail varnish remover which, like Polyfiller is to walls, hides a multitude of sins.

Apply nail varnish remover sparingly to cotton wool buds so as not drop the fluid on the rest of the paintwork.

The hardest task in the build was cutting the body from the vacuum formed plastic and masking up the irregular shaped windows.

It didn't help when I later discovered the masking tape was more porous than I had hoped, and once removed, left traces of paint on the acrylic plastic that I had hoped to leave transparent.

I shouldn't be surprised, after all, Daniel wasn't and he thought it normal that he would know and be able to share such things with others.

It became obvious that Daniel wasn't aware of his ability in one subject alone, but in other subjects too.

We are Washington Apple Pi, this is our story, and we're sticking to it.

We sometimes posted some of the photos we took, and wrote about what we did.

Many of you have already purchased your cars from Modelsport UK and have been very happy with the service.

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