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A seventh man who was indicted, Andrew Bere, was listed as a U. Bere is out pending a court hearing later this month, and a message left for him Friday wasn’t immediately returned. Its so unfortunate, I know the father Mr Marimbire who was once a headmaster at Mutendi high school, he is here in the UK doing support work.

The rest of the men are believed to have fled the United States The scheme was uncovered after a number of people across the nation were unable to file tax returns because returns already had been filed for them, U. The children have disgraced their father who is someone who did very well in Masvingo as an educator.

“He confronted me over the messages and I explained to him that I am not in love with Jackson but he failed to understand it.

“As for the photographs he showed you those are my classmates and we were having fun not that there is one I am in an affair with. It is better for me to bring another story of my husband cheating with a lady because he wants to fix me,” said Tsitsi.

The father will hide in shame because the children have disgraced their parents.

Well, I am not very sure about the way they all went to US from Masvingo but rumour has it that they abused a scholarship that was meant to benefit the poor and they sent their children to the US. Honestly its a shame, God has exposed everything you did, shame on you.

“I heard that he has packed his belongings and left the house but he has to remember that tomorrow he will be together with his wife and kids,” she added.

Efforts to reach Jackson were fruitless as his mobile went unanswered by the time of going to print.CINCINNATI — Seven men from Zimbabwe have been indicted on charges of using the identities of hundreds of Americans to file false tax returns that netted them up to million, officials announced Friday.A federal grand jury indicted the men Thursday, charging them in U. District Court in Cincinnati with conspiracy, fraud, identity theft and money laundering.But still still……Bla Julius muguy, Jowa muguy, Ex muguy, Bungu muguy, Libzie ndiye [email protected] Mai Bona, Tika nyasto pinda deep deep nenyaya yenyu time time kuti mupukute chembera makatoita chitsotsi maybe kana pamapepa chaio, but you will never admit it, Hanti renyu sango ndere kupukuta chembere?Contacted for comment, Tsitsi denied cheating with Jackson despite the messages caught blaming Baba Ruth for cheating first.

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