Information request letter updating records

Remember: A primary goal here is to get the school to take the bullying seriously and take effective action to end it].4The continuing bullying is having very harmful effects on my child.John and Mary Parent[Street Address][State, Town and Zip Code][Phone number][Email address][NAME OF PRINCIPAL][NAME OF SCHOOL][STREET ADDRESS][TOWN, CITY, ZIP CODE]RE: Child's Name DOB: (fill in birthdate) School Name and Grade: (fill in status) Dear Mr., Ms., Dr. As authorized by Section 300.616 of the IDEA 2004 regulations, kindly also provide me with a "list of the types and locations of the [requested] education records" that are "collected, maintained or used" by the School District. Parentcc: [Director of Special Education]*Form for students age 17 and younger; certain restrictions apply under FERPA for students 18 and over.

IEP FORMSAnnotated Individualized Education Program "IEP" Form for School Age Students Annotated Notice of Recommended Educational Placement Form IV.

EVALUATION FORMS Annotated "Permission to Evaluate" - Consent Form (School Age) Annotated Reevaluation Report - (School Age) Annotated Evaluation Report V.

Smith, Mary's language arts teacher, tells me my daughter is falling behind in her classwork and has trouble paying attention in class."]I understand that the evaluation will be performed in the manner required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (2004) and the related federal regulations, beginning with the parental consent section at 34 C. I will call you by [a date two days after letter will be received] to follow up on this request.

If you have any questions about this request, you may call or email me. Sincerely yours, Parentcc: [Director of Special Education] : (1) This is a sample "Gebser letter." In cases of serious bullying or sexual harassment, we encourage parents to consult a qualified attorney because the law in this area is complicated and every case is different.

I have proposed solutions to the problem to the best of my ability. To date, the school district has failed to take effective action to stop the bullying, the bullying continues, and the bullying continues to harm my child.

I regret that the situation has reached a point where it is necessary for me to send you this formal notice of potential legal action. It is my understanding that the [name of school district] meets the legal requirements in this case to be held liable to my child and me, as the parent, in a federal lawsuit seeking money damages for violating Title IX.In fact, the district has effectively refused to take the necessary action, which shows a deliberate indifference to the bullying of my child and to the district's legal responsibility to intervene to stop the bullying.The continuing bullying of my child is causing severe harm to my child and is preventing my child from having the same access to the benefits of the education that the school district provides to other students in the program.I repeatedly have written to you, met with you, and discussed this matter on the phone with you and others at the school district.I repeatedly have requested you to take effective action to stop the bullying.[Briefly describe the problems that your child is experiencing. Kindly provide me with a Permission to Evaluate form promptly, as required by 22 Pa. I understand that the law requires the school district to complete the evaluation and provide the parents with a copy of the evaluation report within sixty (60) days of the date we return the signed Permission to Evaluate form to the school district.

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