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Clearly, your child does not need to answer a call from a new interest courting your affection and, certainly does not need to see unwanted naughty text photos that some online daters disseminate as part of their dating ritual.


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Dating someone who shares common values and goals is so important when dating on the Internet.

For many single parents in Australia, coming back to the dating environment is a tough decision.

With the evolution of the internet, people work online, shop online, attend classes online—and singles are now seduced into the virtual reality of online dating.

The diverse abundance of profiles entice today’s single parent to explore hundreds of potential matches in a search for a potential love interest.

Your child does not need to hear from others that they saw you on a date.

Just think how embarrassed your child would be if the neighbor child teased him at school, “ooooh… ”DO NOT USE THE FAMILY COMPUTER FOR YOUR ONLINE DATING: Please remember that if your children are old enough to use a computer, then they are old enough to access your dating website, review your profile, read your emails and have unlimited access to your adult dating world. But, just remember that the cookies on your computer can easily direct your child to your last site viewed.

If your date requires time and attention that could affect your ability to give your children the priority they deserve, then evaluate whether that is a deal breaker.

For example, if your date tries to pressure you to skip your child’s soccer game so you can spend time together, it is clear that your date feels that his or her time with you should be the priority. For example, if you are attracted to a man who puts in his profile that he doesn’t want children and you delay discussing your children, what will the ultimate consequences be? Instead, it makes sense to discuss your children in the first conversation to find out if the relationship would have any potential.

With the hustle and bustle of working, raising kids and racing to extracurricular activities, making time for a social life can be challenging, especially for single parents whose personal time is a rare commodity—but they aren’t destined to a life of solitude.

The desire to find balance and become well rounded drives the single parent to schedule “me time” into their hectic schedules.

We have come a long way from relying on church socials or the town matchmaker, but is true love really just a click away?

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