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Throughout the three months that they have been dating, Carroll and Yen say that they have never felt singled out or looked down upon because of their relationship.If anything, they note that their genders may draw more attention than their ethnicities do. “I think the biggest deal is people thought it was cool that he was British, but that was it.” According to Shang, one challenge that Asian women at Harvard do face is the perception that some men have an “Asian fetish.” “It’s really hard to tell if the guy that’s hitting on you is actually hitting on you because he likes you…or because he just has a thing for Asians,” she says.A few particularly upsetting moments have stuck with them.

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The weird thing is the entire time the show was on the air Corey was fawning over Meena and she never had any interest in him. This show was programming young black boys to see white girls as desirable mates they should seek out.

It also was teaching young white girls that they are the most attractive girls and that black boys will like them…but they should reject them. Please don’t allow your children to watch any of their programs.

One couple met through a mutual friend at the end of freshman year. One couple met through a mutual friend at the end of freshman year. Though these three couples are alike in that they include students of different races, they paint vastly different portraits of interracial dating at Harvard.

So began the relationships of three couples at Harvard, all of which are interracial. So began the relationships of three couples at Harvard, all of which are interracial.

“If you think about Asian, white couples, usually the female is Asian, and the male is white,” Yen says, explaining that Asian women are stereotypically considered more feminine than Asian men are thought to be masculine. “There is a particular stereotype of Asian-American women as hypersexual and submissive, or whatever, and those things can definitely manifest.” Implications of an “Asian fetish” aside, Shang remarks that her relationship with Haigh has not raised eyebrows because Asian and white relationships are so ordinary at Harvard.

“But I still don’t think people have been that surprised.” Eva Shang ’17, who is Asian, and Christian G. Haigh ’17, who is white, similarly attest that the interracial element of their relationship has not been an issue. “I don’t know that most people would consider white and Asian interracial because it happens so frequently,” says Shang. I think it’s definitely more accepted.” But, she adds, “I think the case would be very different if he was black, or I was black or Hispanic.” Indeed, Julie L. Aladesanmi ’15, a black student, say that they have faced significant challenges both at Harvard and outside of Cambridge since they began dating.

I see a lot of interracial memes on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Many of us are used to seeing it promoted on shows like Empire and How to Get Away with Murder. I guess they want to teach them early on that whites are who they should see as partners.

We all know by now that these shows are about black denigration and anti-blackness. Then you have stupid memes like this floating around. The people making these memes have too much time on their hands. There was another Disney show called Corey in the House(2007-2008). He played a chubby little goofball that had a crush on a white girl named Meena played by Maiara Walsh. Back in 2010 there was quite a stir in the comic book world when Archie began dating Valerie Smith.

Several other couples that represent many other ethnicities were also invited to participate but declined to do so. Carroll ’17, a Kirkland resident who is white, and Stephen S.

Yen ’17, a Pforzheimer resident who is Asian, being part of a romance that stretches from the river to the Quad can be more problematic than being part of an interracial couple.

(Coates published an op-ed in The Crimson about her experience being in an interracial relationship after this interview was conducted.) Before Coates and Aladesanmi launch into their negative experiences, however, they are quick to point out that they have many friends on campus who support them and their relationship.

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