Intimidating synonyms definition

Justices of the peace and magistrates are sometimes authorized to take affidavits.

Unless restricted by state law, judges may take affidavits involving controversies before them.

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When religious convictions prevent the affiant from taking an oath, he or she may affirm that the statements in the affidavit are true.

There is no standard form or language to be used in an affidavit as long as the facts contained within it are stated clearly and definitely.

And to his astonishment there was none of the shocking effect of his first drink of whisky.

Shocker "something that shocks or excites" is from 1824. stoßtruppen and preserves the word's original military sense.

A court cannot force a person to make an affidavit, since, by definition, an affidavit is a voluntary statement.

Any public officer authorized by law to administer oaths and affirmations—such as city recorders, court clerks, notaries, county clerks, commissioners of deeds, and court commissioners—may take affidavits.

A pleading—a request to a court to exercise its judicial power in favor of a party that contains allegations or conclusions of facts that are not necessarily verified—differs from an affidavit, which states facts under oath.

An affidavit is based upon either the personal knowledge of the affiant or his or her information and belief.

And he had too plainly crossed North America in this shocking state!

The attack must have all the shocking senselessness of gratuitous blasphemy.

A notary, for example, would indicate the county in which he or she is commissioned and the expiration date of the commission.

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