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Additionally having multiple meanings would be a nice touch.

Quickly ruled out were php*Something* names which, incidentally, although popular, do not seem to be condoned by the PHP Group developers.

Using the current date in the filename can prevent overwriting and make cataloguing easier.

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Mantis BT is a web based bug tracking system that was first made available to the public in November 2000.

A search for good, free packages came up with nothing suitable so they wrote their own.

After a rewrite and cleanup it was made available to the public via the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Drawing inspiration from Open Source projects like Apache, Mozilla, Gnome, and so forth resulted in two eventual choices: Dragonfly and Mantis.

Dragonfly was already the name of a webmail package. Praying Mantis are insects that feed primarily on other insects and bugs.

Typically, installations with thousands of users tend to have a limited number of users that have access level above REPORTER.

When the 'Protected' flag is set on a user account, it indicates that the account is a shared account (e.g.

Mantis BT is available in several Linux distributions including: Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Gentoo, Frugalware and others.

Hence, if you are running Linux, start by checking if your distribution has a package for Mantis BT.

They are extremely desirable in agriculture as they devour insects that feed on crops. So, we have a name that is fairly distinctive and descriptive in multiple ways.

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