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The farming, killing, skinning and eating of native animals is a rife and evil industry, which operates under the cloak of science and lies.Crocodilian farmers claim that since they started farming and selling legal skins, meats and products, they have single-handedly saved crocodilian species from endangerment. In the countries that the croc farmers claim success, it's actually established protection laws and enforcement that protects these animals.Third world nations now see examples of modern nations supporting killing, eating and wearing wildlife for money, so now they're doing it. has inadvertently created a multi-million dollar 'bushmeat' industry, where local people kill native wildlife for meat, skins and products.

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The two starred in two more In 2013 Linda filed for divorce.

Until then outsiders wouldn’t have guessed that there was much wrong in their relationship. Even at Paul’s oldest son’s wedding everyone was in high spirits.

Thus the divorce seemed a natural step and it was quite amicable.

The two decided not to ask for spousal or child support and Linda received a payout of $5.775 Million as well as the right to continue living in their L. home for another four years or until she remarries, whichever happens first.

Example: - Australian Crocodiles and American Alligators fully protected and policed in the 1970's.

This is the truth of the Crocs and Gators recovery, protection by law! As a result of established wildlife and conservation organisations backing the sustainable use of wildlife and actually supporting the 'killing' of native wildlife, they have created a market.

It also appears that Linda resented being in Paul Hogan’s shadow for so long. She is spending a lot of time in Morocco, where she shares a business with a Moroccan tour guide.

She declines to say, if she is actually seeing him privately as well, but judging by photos she has posted on social media, that very much appears to be the case.

If we can destroy the market, we'll destroy the industry.

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