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They said he jumped off her once he saw them and they pinned him down until police arrived.

Turner admitted that he had fondled the unnamed victim - a 23-year-old UC Santa Barbara graduate who lived in Palo Alto, where the college is located - but had always denied that he raped the woman.

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Between 19, just four of 175 reported sexual assaults were formally adjudicated at Stanford, with two of the alleged attackers held responsible, according to a report by Michele Landis Dauber, a Stanford law professor.

California became the first state to pass legislation that shifted the standard of consent for sexual activity at colleges from whether a person said no to whether both partners said yes.

“The basic intent of the original Ivy agreement was to improve and foster intercollegiate athletics while keeping the emphasis on such competition in harmony with the educational purpose of the institutions.

While football is where it started, the Ivy League today is nationally recognized for its level of success — absent of athletic scholarships — while rigorously maintaining its self-imposed high academic standards.

On Wednesday, as the guilty verdict was read, his mother cried and stamped her feet.

The victim reportedly smiled and then started to cry. Passed out means no,” said Santa Clara prosecutor Jeff Rosen.Turner smelled of alcohol when he was arrested and told police he had seven cans of beer that night and thought he was having consensual sex with the woman, who authorities said was breathing but “completely unresponsive” as she lay near a tree and a trash bin.“He stated that he was drunk but was able to remember everything,” said a police report.In layman’s terms, that meant a complete round-robin schedule in football, beginning with the 1956 season.Such an agreement — assuring seven spots on an eight- to ten-game schedule to Ivy opponents — required numerous concessions from each institution and marked a high point in intercollegiate cooperation.The Ivy League has demonstrated a rare willingness and ability, given the current national pressures on intercollegiate success, to abide by these rules and still compete successfully in Division I athletics.” For additional information, see “The Real History of America’s Most Infamous Conference” on the Web at:

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