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The abusive nature of her relationship with Johnson, the death of her father, disapproval of her interracial marriage and a history of depression all likely contributed to Duryea’s decision to kill herself in September 1912.Just weeks after Duryea’s suicide, Johnson started a romance with 18-year-old white prostitute Lucille Cameron.

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After romancing a series of prostitutes who were black and white alike, Johnson married New York socialite Etta Terry Duryea in Pittsburgh in January 1911.

The couple tried to keep their marriage a secret, but a year after the interracial couple tied the knot word of their union spread back to Brooklyn.

The biopic “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story” touches on some of the difficulties the interracial couple faced, including the disapproval of her parents.

The New York social world was scandalized in Fall 1924 when Leonard Kip Rhinelander, heir to $100 million family fortune, married Alice Jones, a domestic and daughter of a black man and a white woman.

According to the book , Wright feared that his marriage to yet another white woman would make headlines.

That book also revealed that Poplar’s family largely disowned her for deciding to marry a black man.

Wright had been involved with Poplar prior to proposing to Meidman.

When Wright separated from Meidman, he and Poplar resumed their romance, living together before they wed on March 12, 1941, in Coytesville, N. None of his family members were present nor was his close friend Richard Ellison, the author of “invisible Man” fame who’d served as best man at Wright’s first wedding.

“The father had sent the boy out west for two years to get over his foolheaded infatuation. Now Kip had returned east, and he and Alice had eloped.”At first Rhinelander did not seem to care what society thought of his marriage.

After six weeks of matrimony, however, Rhinelander did not come home to the small apartment he shared with Jones and filed to have his marriage to her annulled.

She told the Times she sometimes viewed her husband as “foreign white creature.” Other times she took out the rage she had against white racists on her husband.

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