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Wagner, an intimate hour with your calls, next on LARRY KING LIVE. Yes, Number Two returns, a role he has put his own stamp on. His show business career, as we said, spans more than 50 years. KING: It was an honor to be part of that presentation along with Mike Myers.

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The new "Austin Powers" will open in a couple of weeks, right? Evil, while you were in space, I created a way for us to make huge sums of legitimate money and still maintain the ethics and the business practices of an evil organization.

(END VIDEO CLIP) KING: We're back on LARRY KING LIVE. Here is a clip from "Austin Powers III: Goldmember." (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP, AUSTIN POWERS IN GOLDMEMBER") WAGNER: Dr.

Do you think that sometimes when someone is really handsome, it curtails people looking at how well they act? And when I met Spencer Tracy, you know, Spence put his arm around me and he said, you know, you really got it.

That you were -- I mean, let's be obvious, you were a very handsome guy. And what really kind of took me out of that, you know I just had a lot of hair on my head and was trying to get as many girls as I could, you know.

WAGNER: Well, he was worried, I think, about -- there's a lot of fatalities in this business. And -- but as it turned out, Larry, I think I fared out pretty well, because the steel business went in a different direction.

I've been blessed in my career, and I've had a chance to really, you know, it's better. WAGNER: Yes, and then I have three wonderful daughters. WAGNER: I was so fascinated by the first films that I saw. Spencer Tracy, Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck. You know, so many of my heroes are gone, Larry, you know. KING: Do you remember why you wanted to be an actor? KING: So you knew sons of people and daughters of people.

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