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Eventually, Robby finds that Pet taped the coach, he leads his team back to victory, and he becomes Pet’s boyfriend.

Hazuka's first young adult novel realistically depicts one teen's struggle to prepare for the future without compromising the present.

There are enough plot twists to keep readers guessing, and soccer fans will appreciate the author's obvious love of the game.

Jesse was a popular jock, dating only the most beautiful girls in school while being the star baseball player.

Sam was his cute little misfit side-kick that was always fed up with whatever good looking, shallow creature Jesse was dating.

But then the world comes apart at the seams when Jesse is diagnosed with a form of cancer that most likely will kill him and is given maybe a year to live.

Jesse cuts off everyone from his former life except Sam. She sleeps in his room because he is scared to die alone. He seems to be wasting away right in front of her and she is not about to let him go. Death is never an easy subject to relate to teenagers who believe that they are invincible.

Robby's teammates begin to question his commitment to the squad, and, indeed, as his relationship with Pet develops, it seems that the team's cohesiveness unravels.

Robby is forced to make decisions about where his loyalty really lies: putting the team first will help him to realize his dream of a soccer scholarship, but at what price?

While adult figures are fairly two dimensional—the wise teacher, the win-at-all-costs coach—the dialogue and interactions among the teens are spot-on.

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