Kaspersky is not updating

Kaspersky bills itself as one of the strongest anti-virus software programs available, but if you can't download the automatic database updates from Kaspersky, you won't be able to protect your computer from threats like viruses and malicious software.This can be a downward spiral, since an outdated database makes your computer more vulnerable to attack from new viruses or malware, which can further prevent you from downloading new updates from Kaspersky.Choose a network to connect to and press the "Connect" button.

I have made changes to the Kaspersky endpoint policy(added exclusion rules and trusted applications in the General Protection Settings) that are not then pulled down by the clients in office B.

Office A appears to be fine It's a strange one as the policy shows in KSC10 as having been enforced on most of the computers.

I have checked a few that have supposedly pulled down the policy and cannot see the exclusion rules or trusted apps that I added.

Further to that, I have tried to allow tightvnc the ability to interact with the endpoint application(So that I can click the Support/Licence buttons and start manual scans etc), but those settings are not pulled down either.

Your computer will tell you if you're currently connected to a network.

If you aren't connected, click on the "Connect or disconnect" link at the bottom of the pop-up window.

- Kaspersky has a configuration available in their API where updates will not run unless screen saver is activated.

This option is not exposed in Kaspersky UI and is not available in KAV profile, but default was recently changed to activate it unless explicitly deactivated when applying profile.

All going well the Windows Vista update service should now work fine.

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