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His physical presence in a film is often a shade unconvincing.

Lang might have found a perfect balance here because Thorndike's situation is so harsh, at least at times, and there is often a contrasting focus on Pidgeon's face and the innocence it is so good at projecting.

The filming is great, showing the use of shadows and ominous points of view that film noir would take up in the next couple of years.

And the plot has a mixture of one man against the world survival as well as boy meets girl romance. And the cinematography is by one of the stalwarts of the period, Arthur Miller, so it has lots of moving camera and interesting tight compositions.

When this movie was made, America was not part of World War II. (1941), Menschenjagd (1941), Der Auslandskorrespondent (1940), Tödlicher Sturm (1940), Ich war ein Spion der Nazis (1939) and Sergeant York (1941).

At this time, a number of Hollywood studios were pro-American involvement in the war. See more » Man Hunt (1941)Offhand the title and idea to this movie sounds a bit routine--a man singlehandedly avoiding authorities and pursuers.Lang's penchant for shooting at night (which goes back to his days in the German film industry) and his ability to make people sinister without actually showing them doing sinister things is partly why this simple movie works.It's also made complicated by the large range of locations used (or invented in the studio), and by the irony of the sweet love affair in the wings in the second half.And the main Nazi is played by upper crust British legend George Sanders (who was born in Russia). Of course, Lang was an expatriate German Jew working for Hollywood.He was becoming known for his anti-Nazi fervor to the dismay of the right wing Hays Code commission, which we now understand better.British hunter Thorndike vacationing in Bavaria has Hitler in his gun sight.

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