Liveupdate not updating client

Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.

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Open half a dozen tabs in your web browser and it will grind to a halt.

But, if you just need something to tap out a few emails, watch some video and browse a couple of web pages at a time, then it’s fine.

These are lightweight, cheap devices (actually, the E200HA and Stream are far cheaper than the T102HA and Yoga Book) meant for single-task use, much as you would use a tablet, but with a better typing experience and access to all of the features of Windows 10. There’s the useful Live Update app for easily updating drivers, the Web Storage app for providing cloud storage, and the less useful Mc Afee antivirus – running this rather intrusive antivirus on a machine that’s already this slow is a very bad idea.

Related: Best Laptops for Students Asus makes some bold claims about the E200HA’s battery life, and in our tests it well and truly lived up to them.

In comparison, the latest Core i3 processors have base frequencies that start at 2.4GHz.

This lack of raw clock speed is immediately obvious in daily use.

In our Powermark test, where we loop 10 minutes of web browsing and 5 minutes of watching video, with the screen brightness set to 150 nits, it lasted 11hrs 42mins.

That’s just 18 minutes shy of the claimed 12 hours.

Being able to go a whole day at university without the need for a charger or being able to watch hours and hours of video on those long bus journeys as you backpack around the world is what such machines are all about.

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