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They meet students from other schools, girls who aspire to acquire Pandora powers, and have to deal with Nova threats.

Lim has written several spin-off stories that focus on the supporting characters, and the anime adaptation has also highlighted some of his other characters.

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Although Kazuya chooses Satellizer as his partner, she still hopes to convince him to become her Limiter, and maintains a love rivalry with Satellizer.

In a Funimation interview, Glass noted that Marchi tried to voice Rana with a patterned kind of speech, like an ESL student.

The manga and anime series Freezing features a cast of characters designed by Dall-Young Lim and illustrated by Kwang-Hyun Kim.

The series is set in the year 2065 where Earth is in the middle of a war with extra-dimensional aliens called Nova.

Initially nicknamed Zero Points for not participating in the students' spring Carnival, she is regularly bullied into doing errands by her schoolmates.

After her roommate Chiffon supports her even when she is forced into doing things that would normally break their friendship, she is able to talk down Chiffon from her killing rampage during the fall Carnival.

At first, he mistakes Satellizer for his sister and gives her a big hug.

Despite warnings from his schoolmates to stay away from her, he realizes that she is misunderstood, and continues to treat her kindly, defending her even when she does not ask for such help, During the thirteenth Nova Clash, when he tries to stop Cassandra from her N3 Nova state, he awakens his Stigmatic body and obtains a special power that allows him to control several Pandoras at once and make them work in tandem to bring out their full potential.

After Chiffon's death and Elizabeth's leave of absence from West Genetics, she becomes the new student council president, getting a haircut similar to Chiffon's and starts acting coldly towards others.

The Freezing: First Chronicle manga focuses on Ticy's first year at West Genetics.

Marchi liked that her character has a friendly rivalry with Satellizer, like they would fight each other but then share a bath together afterwards At the beginning of the series, she becomes the top-ranked second-year Pandora when she defeats Satellizer at the Carnival because of Kazuya's interference.

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