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You are allowing the sin to overwrite the natural goodness of your character.Satan is pulling at your flesh to look at porn, while principles and mores are put on hold somewhere in your mind.

I thanked Him for the close friends that I could reach out to. Here is something that happened to me that I hope blesses you.... I tried and tried to live a clean life and just failed over and over again. I didn't feel like a Christian anymore and it was a weird experience talking to him outside of the "family". " Well, I couldn't deny that ditty followed me throughout my life, eating disorder shenanigans and, of course, my disclosure of and recovery from them. " to Dinosaur number two, who responds, "I'm trying." I immediately thought of the "fighting your help" principle, both on the recovery front and the much larger spiritual playing field. Personally speaking, my restrictive abusive childhood discouraged any use of my voice which was considered displeasing.

In 1984 after struggling for years with pornography and masturbation, I was a youth pastor in the Midwest. I fought and fought with my thoughts and finally went out in my car and purchased porn. I thought I'd print what I've learned in my many years of studying my own masturbation/porn/sex addiction. No, I'm not cured, but I get a little closer every time I fail. After all, within my book, "Thin Enough," I wrote a poem starting the chapter on disclosure, entitled, "The Cat is Out of the Bag." Disclosure - it is intimidating. Many of us struggling with addictions, disorders and vices often employ a lot of self-sabotage when it comes to interaction and, yes, actual help. We can really do a number on ourselves with our faulty thinking. "Children are to be seen and not heard." That's how the saying goes.

Bad people don’t know they are lost, they believe they are following the right path already. Some of you might be playing a game of tug and war because your conscience is having a difficult time dealing with your actions.

This is the flesh (physical and emotional feelings) fighting with the spiritual aspects of your nature.

Bad people remain in their addiction all the while getting worse spiritually and emotionally.

Bad people don’t even try to come out of their addiction but rather revel in it and eventually get worse in their sinful behavior.We were not made to keep up, we were made to be free.Rebekah Lyons wrote this book from her own experiences. In This Episode: Father hunger is a lack of sufficient fathering which is extremely impactful to a person’s life for good or bad.I will explain to you how you can heal from the damage of an absent father. You Are Not Alone We need to talk about depression so that people realize they are not alone in their struggle.Anytime we are addicted to something it means we are under its control and have become a slave to it.

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