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He wants to pick you up from the subway station, accompany you everywhere you go, he’s waiting for you after work, I feel suffocated.” The contrast in culture is one of the biggest challenges.Not only are you unable to share the same jokes and understand each other’s upbringing, but you also don’t have remotely the same political or social views.One of my trainees, a manager with a very senior position in the company, asked me flat out: Why don’t Western women date Chinese men?

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But, like travelling, it can be an enriching experience.

In my coaching, I approach these and many other existential life issues related to moving, living and working abroad.

You see all the news about the economic success in China.

But something even more important to you that doesn't get all the headlines is the fact that you have the opportunity to date beautiful women in China. When you watch Western TV, what type of women do you see?

They were all quick to suggest or knew an eligible candidate.

Although this was meant with the most caring intention, I found myself trying to find a way to politely decline, even making up a fake boyfriend sometimes.

Making up fake stories is not something I normally do but it’s very hard to decline anything in China.

People take their role of host and trying to make you feel comfortable in their country very seriously, which is something I value greatly.

When I first started working in China, many of my trainees suggested I date a Chinese man.

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