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The crackdown has heightened fear among Telegram users, including journalists, activists and lawyers, who worry political statements — even those made on other platforms — could have major consequences if they wind up on Telegram. It’s dangerous for us that they republish these tweets,” she said.They point to the case of Alireza Rahmani, a public relations director for the governor’s office in Qazvin, Iran, who was arrested last November after posting a petition on a Telegram channel in his district asking for the release of an imprisoned human rights activist.As of January, around 700 Telegram channel administrators have sought permits, according to Iran’s Tasnim News agency.

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The Berlin-based company did not respond to repeated questions about future operations in Iran now that Iranian officials are implementing regulations that appear to limit speech on its platform.

Such tactics put Telegram in a difficult position, analysts say.

Since then, Iranian authorities have cracked down, establishing a complex and decentralized network of agencies regulating the Internet. He has lived in Europe since 2008, meaning he doesn’t have to register with the state.

And they have cast social media platforms — described by Iranian prosecutor general Mohammad Jafar Montazeri as “polluted anti-religious networks — as an enemy. It’s the worst kind of bondage,” Montazeri said in December. has agreed to pay the United States $892 million and plead guilty to violating U. trade sanctions against Iran, the Justice Department said Tuesday. Yet he continues to worry his relatives in the country will be punished for his actions.“Sometimes I dream about being found and arrested.

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It isn’t unusual for state authorities to target individuals for online dissent.

Last December, a handful of Iranians in the fashion industry were prosecuted for posting pictures on social networking sites such as Instagram, which officials argued promoted “Western culture.”In January, officials in Iran’s Hormozgan Province shut down around 80 Telegram channels and arrested 32 people managing those channels, according to Iran’s semi-official ISNA channel, accusing them of “spreading lies, disturbing public order, creating fear and promoting immoral and anti-cultural material.”And in February, Iran’s conservative Fars News Agency reported that authorities detained several administrators of Telegram channels. from Tehran a few months ago, said she and her colleagues scour popular Iranian Telegram channels to make sure comments they made on Facebook or Twitter have not been republished there by channel administrators.“My friends in Iran, when they see their tweets republished in these popular channels that talk about politics, they worry.

There’s concern the bots could allow authorities to identify — and potentially prosecute — users for the channels they follow.

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