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They frequented all the hottest night clubs and restaurants. drug of choice, Orgad made a trip to Amsterdam where he established a wholesale source through a network run by Oded Tuito.Places like Cafe Maurice, The Gate, The Century Club and their personal favorite Bar One, a members only nightclub on the Sunset Strip. His preferred group of associates included a curious mix of young suburban men of Middle Eastern extract. The Tuito group was a tight knit network composed of Israeli mobsters and former military officers giving some credence to Orgad's claims of contacts with Mossad.

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Erez dealt extensively with couriers like Richard Harris Berman aka Tiny. Diana Reicherter - Erez girlfriend passed on product from Erez to the courieres.

His network setup looked like this; Sean Erez - Canadian national who organized shipments to the U. Shimon Levita - Known as Shimy, recruited Hassidic couriers who smuggled the drugs from Europe into the U. Simcha Roth - Shared recruiting duties with Levita. Giacamo Pampinella - New York based wholesaler known as Goombah and Jimmy. The rings product could be readily found in such Miami Beach hotspots as the Mix, Fabric and Kit Kat Club.

It was Erez who arranged for Chassidic Jews to act as couriers who imported more than 1 million tablets into the country between 19.

From his Europe base Erez sold Zarger prouct which was then shipped to a customer base in Miami Beach, Florida an area considered to be Tuito territory.

Evans stocked his closets with Armani suits many of which he would never wear.

Business and life was good, but all good times must end. A., investigators learned Evans had once been an enforcer for producer Ivan Nagy also the paramour of Heidi Fleiss.

The 9 million or so pills he sold allowed him to purchase a fleet of luxury cars which included multiple Mercedeses and BMWs. A., apartment in favor of a swanky high rise condo which he outfitted in modern fashion complete with the latest big screen televisions courtesy of J. As mentioned earlier Evans enjoyed the nightlife and spent lavishly entertaining guests around town.

One purchase Evans made to endulge his booming social status was a VIP table at the Key Club.

Setting himself up in Arizona under the alias Jimmy Moran, Gravano began purchasing X from Zarger via Andre Wegner.

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