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I tinkered at the bathroom counter and kept glancing into the other room.

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When I exited, I noticed that Josh had turned over and was on his side.

As I walked towards the window to open the curtains, Josh turned on his back again, this time the sheet had moved down his legs and I could see his penis pushing against the material of his boxer shorts.

Josh was standing in front of the dresser and I could tell that he was looking at me. I felt sure that if I saw him through the mirrors, he must be able to see me.

However, when I looked back, I didn't see him any more, so he must have moved to another part of the room.

I reached for my hairbrush and began brushing as I kept my eye on Josh. I was filled with motherly and womanly love for my son. But also, appreciative of his masculinity, his manhood. We took it and Josh said he would sleep on the sofa.

He was definitely watching me and I could see that he was getting excited as his pants began to bulge. He replied that it was his turn for a shower and went into the bathroom. I heard the water stop and knew he had stepped out of the shower. Well when we got to the room there was no sofa only a couple of chairs.At this point, I came back to reality and decided it best to end the show. I told Josh not to worry there was enough room in the bed for the both of us.We agreed to share the bed and both made nervous quips about not pushing each other out of the bed during the night.I was visioning Josh's hardon from the day before as I removed my towel and dried my hair some more.Instead of wrapping the towel above my breasts as I had done when I stepped out of the shower, I wrapped it around my waist, which left my breasts totally exposed.Maybe it was knowing that Josh had grown into a fine young man, or being in the hotel or a combination of both.

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