My boyfriend is on a dating site

They also share finances; if we want to do something that costs some money, she may say no.Not only all that, she's also finishing up her post-doc.We were just three friends hanging out, but unlike friends, we were all in love with one another. ) And while none of us had sex later that night, we did all snuggle and sleep together in the same bed.

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I've never seen him this happy."I took a deep breath and smiled.

A big fat, stupid smile."I really like him," I replied."And he really likes you.

Someone who will be a part of my life, in some capacity, the extent of which we will choose together.

And this date would set the tone of our independent relationship.

" We both laughed, but something about putting my bag in her room struck a nerve. After dropping my bag off, we both kissed our man good-bye, and headed out alone to our dinner date.

At dinner, I used every ounce of control I had not to jump into conversation about our mutual partner.

There have been nights when both of us want to sleep with him in the same bed and he needed to chose one.

While love is infinite in the poly world, time is not.

He already was and was going to continue having to split his time between us.

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