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How did this author arrive at these dates and how much weight should we attach to them? Wells described Archbishop Ussher’s famous date of 4004BC as a ‘fantastically precise misconception’ founded upon ‘rather arbitrary theological assumptions’.Well, more than 128 calculations from Scripture have at one time or another been proposed for the creation - and the arguments surrounding them are still ongoing today! In fact, Wells himself was far more arbitrary in his calculations than Ussher!Considering the wealth of contradictory yet so-called ‘reliable’ histories available at our fingertips, it was hard to know where to start!

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In reading this rich and detailed account, bear in mind that the material you are about to consider suggests that if Nanni were a genuine source, Lynche was correct in many historical details, yet failed to accommodate his timeline to a robust numerical foundation (from either Scripture or the Assyrian-Median Empires).

Having provided this foundation and added numerous details from modern sources, I personally believe this record is reasonably accurate.

Our approach at derivation probably isn’t the last word on the subject, but it did involve consulting dozens of experts and carefully weighing their arguments against numerous Scriptural references (using ‘direct equivalence’ in Hebrew translation) – so I shall try to limit an answer to just one sentence!

The date 4266BC was obtained through a synthesis of authorities; concluding a superiority of the Masoretic text over the Septuagint (Jones, 2005 contra Setterfield, 1999); no gaps in the family lists of Genesis 5 and 11 (Niessen, 1982 contra Robinson, 1999); a long period of 430 years for Israel in Egypt, the next logical step was to examine other reliable sources and carefully seek out any obvious synchronisms.

700,000 years have supposedly elapsed since the beginning of human activity (c.f.

Stringer (2006) and Menzies (2011), with ‘hominid’ activity stretching back 9 million years before present.

In place of deep time, we present a model to structure the synthesis of sources which have slowly been pieced together.

Hopefully, a new generation of bible chronologists and archaeologists will be inspired to investigate this neglected archaic period for themselves - and come to similar conclusions!

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Today, however, this account is widely considered totally spurious and Luther is believed to have been mistaken concerning its overall authenticity.

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