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That being said, their very presence here greatly inflates the ratio of men to women so while perhaps half the local women hate military guys, the other half is neutral or likes them.

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I know that sounds mean, but take a good long look at the women you work with and what are they like? Are they kind to their fellow colleauges or are they backstabbing them or undermining them often. You may want to try EHarmony because at least they match you based on personality and other personal characteristics.

I came out here to marry my husband and I have come across a lot of women (Black, White, Puerto Rican and Chinese) who are not so nice.

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Virginia Beach has slightly less, but in most cities it is normal for women outnumber men.

Added to that, many military guys don't show up on official census reports because they're only here for a little while and live on base. I've never been to this place, just saw it mentioned indirectly when reading about something else.

Sign up for Plentyof Fish or something like it and try your luck.

It's better than blowing a bunch of money on and getting only a handful of responses. Honestly, I feel somewhat bad for the military guys.

Funny, because the young women in Northern Virginia complain about the quality of the men.

Your location says Arlington, which I assume is where you moved from? You shoulda snapped one up while you were up - I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm not surprised.

Also, consider that the military men like them that way. I agree that you should try online dating but don't ever pay for these types of sites.

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