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I ordered a draft, I want to evaluate costs, to understand time.

– From the materials we prefer this wood, flax – they are completely non-toxic.

The mansion will necessarily be large Windows with wooden frames, fireplace, two terraces: one facing West, the other to the East to meet the sunrise and enjoy the sunset.

The love story of the People's Artist of Russia and Ukraine populyarnory presenter born yet on the casting, as the Basque Irina chose five thousand participants.

In the words of the tenor, it was love at first sight, but the girl confessed his feelings, he was only a few months.

Last week, the Basque turned to Lumi Polar, which is known for that builds exclusively from èkomaterialy, using the latest European technology.

To see the finished houses, the artist even went to Karelia.The house area is about 2000 square meters, which can stay and SPA: Turkish and Russian baths, sauna, swimming pool.“We recommend the Nicholas one-story house, but everything will depend on the site – says the “Star Hit” one of the experts who worked with the singer.But congratulations to the hot sun of Jurmala, where a couple came to Igor steep birthday, Basque and Shvets friends boasted that he was ready for the wedding.Nicholas Basque - Nick, as you know, a great romantic reveals all the secrets of how I made an offer I will not be made, except to say that he gave me a fantastically beautiful white gold ring with a huge emerald - with Life Showbiz happy bride shared .Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License; additional terms may apply.

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