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I recently updated the server from Ubuntu 13.10 to Ubuntu 14.04 Long Term Support which, as it is supported until 2019, should see out the antiquated hardware’s days In order to communicate with the server remotely, I need to know the current public IP (dynamically assigned) so I need to run a dynamic DNS client on the server to update a remote service. They offer a free basic DDNS account which meets my needs.

Client wise, I have previously (some years ago) used ddclient to update the IP address to No-IP but have more recently struggled to get the configuration working reliably.

This should provide a relatively simple and free alternative to paying for a fixed ip address for your home or remote Ubuntu 14.04LTS servers.

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To fix this I simply put a delay for the script to run the client (and update the IP-address) with 'sleep 10' after 'start)' - line.

I look after a server which is connected to some temperature sensors on a remote site.

The site is connected to the internet via a RADSL link on the end of 1.5km of very old copper cable.

The reliability of the connection is weak at best and the dynamically assigned IP address tends to change every time the connection drops which can be several times a day.

Of course if you so chose you could pay for some premium services but that's outisde the scope of this how-to.

Now open a terminal to your server using putty for example and login with the username and password that you setup during the LAMP installation.You can find the network label in the Settings Tab of the Open DNS Dashboard. If you have special characters in your password wrap the password in single-quotes ( ' ).If you're an Umbrella customer, this is the name of the Network you've enabled Dynamic updates for in the Configuration. If there are any single-quotes in your password, put backslash ( \ ) before the single-quote to escape the character.You will be assigned a free web site name probably something like the "no thanks I'll use" link to use the free DNS with the site you were assigned I unclicked the "send me stuff" check box because I'm not a fan of being sent stuff but hey, since they are offering it all for free, you should do what you feel is best there.Click "sign up" under the "free dns service" column.If your Linux distribution does not have a recent version of ddclient, you can download the tar file by following this link.

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